About Us

Interfaith House provides medical respite care for homeless men and women in medical recovery. This 64-bed center on Chicago’s West Side, offers interim housing and support to ill and injured homeless adults who would otherwise lack a stable and safe place to heal. As the only agency of its kind in Illinois, Interfaith House fills a critical gap in services for homeless individuals who have been discharged from area hospitals and emergency shelters and who require housing and support. Interfaith House also provides comprehensive psychological and social support services that are critical to helping homeless individuals return to health and to break the debilitating cycle of homelessness.

Many of our residents struggle with issues that make it very difficult to break the cycle of transience.

  • 61% of all residents have no source of income
  • 65% live with a chronic illness, physical or developmental disability
  • 19% suffer from a mental illness
  • 25% live with HIV/AIDS
  • 50% have suffered from addiction

Our Goals

Interfaith House is committed to three essential goals.

1. To provide ill and injured homeless adults with an opportunity to recuperate in a safe and supervised setting.
2. To motivate and assist residents to begin addressing underlying issues, such as mental illness and substance abuse, that may contribute to their homelessness.
3. To help residents secure appropriate housing or treatment opportunities and ongoing support services.

Our Staff

The compassionate, professional staff at Interfaith House is available to assist the specific needs of our residents. Our staff includes:

  • Case managers
  • A behavioral health service manager
  • Substance abuse referrals counselor
  • Two supportive health services managers
  • A licensed clinical social worker
  • 24-hour resident life support staff
  • Full kitchen staff
  • More than 150 volunteers, including professional educators and interns
  • A housing advocate case manager